Haro-Masi Bikes

haro-masi bikesMasi Road bikes

This company has been around for more than 70 years. Discover the Italian Pedigree that Tour de France champions rode to Paris. High end modulus carbon fiber, aluminum alloy and even retro steel bikes are offered by Masi. Check out this brand and be amazed at the performance and value Masi provides.
Masi did not ignore the women. High performance bikes are offered to the female riders.
Think Masi is too old to be cool. Well, think again. Masi builds a beautiful fixie for you hipsters.

Haro Bikes
Haro introduces mountain, BMX and fixed gear steeds to the masses. Got a tiny tot? Get them started on a Haro for boys and girls. Check out the relaxed urban comfort line that Haro provides to separate your-self from the crowd.

haro bikesHaro-Masi Bikes are more than up for your bike riding needs!


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