Jamis Road Bikes (Jamis rhymes with famous)

Jamis gives the bicycle consumer many choices. Carbon fiber, aluminum alloys and even steel round out the selection for any model category. Pro, sport recreational and specific women models are available. Don’t ignore Jamis road bikes while shopping for your new ride. Discover the attention to detail and selection Jamis offers you.

Jamis Mountain Bikes

From downhill to recreational trail riding Jamis has the bicycle for you. Fancy plastic (that’s what I call carbon fiber), aluminum and old school compliant steel rounds out all the popular categories. At the Bike Pedaler we know women like to get down and dirty. Jamis designs female frames that enhance her riding experience.

Jamis Triathlon Bikes

Like to really challenge yourself? Jamis offers a wind cheating line-up that makes that transition from the swim to the bike smoother. Check out the selection.

Jamis Touring Bikes

Want to pedal across town or around the world? Jamis provides the pick- up truck for bicycles if you need to haul those heavy loads.

Jamis Fixed Geared Bikes

Groovy and hip fixed gear bicycles allow self-expression as you move from point A to B. Cool fixes like the Sputnik and Beatnik are available to individuals that want style and simplicity.

No matter what your riding needs Jamis Bikes are built for quality riding experiences!

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